Re: Unihan and U+939D

From: Benjamin Kite (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 12:20:51 CDT

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    On Jun 14, 2005, at 8:53 PM, Tom Emerson wrote:

    >> In a related discovery, Unihan doesn't seem to include a reference to
    >> the semantic relationship between U+939D [...] and U+642D [...].
    > And the semantic relationship is what? Both characters share the
    > phonetic component da1, but the radicals are different. Which of the
    > Unihan semantic categories would you suggest this relationship be
    > represented as.

    When referring to the farming tool, U+27C4F (𨱏) can be used
    interchangeably with U+642D (搭).
    I would suggest this relationship be represented as a reciprocal
    kSpecializedSemanticVariant entry.

    >> Lastly, there is a simplified version of U+939D with the standard
    >> simplification (U+9485 - îÄ) of the Kangxi gold radical (U+2FA6 - ½ð),
    >> but it doesn't seem to appear in Unicode anywhere at present.
    > Is this "simplified" form attested to anywhere? As you undoubtedly
    > aware, the fact that the components of a full-form character can be
    > simplified does not mean that they actually exist. The fact that they
    > could exist is not enough to get them encoded.

    Evidently the simplified form does exist, as Andrew suggested, at
    U+27C4F. That was my oversight. However, since there is no
    kTraditionalVariant record in U+27C4F nor a kSimplifiedVariant record
    in U+939D, I would suggest that these be added. However, since I have
    either overlooked or forgotten that there is a Unihan list, it seems
    only appropriate that these matters be presented in that forum rather
    than clogging this list with a lot of Unihan mumbo-jumbo that might
    sully the otherwise enlightened conversations.

    >> I'm sending this to this list because I've sent several corrections on
    >> Unihan without receiving any acknowledgment.
    > Sent where? Just to the list or via the feedback form on the Unicode
    > website.

    The information was sent only to the Unicode website.

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