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Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 15:52:07 CDT

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    >I can't think of any reason why that shouldn't be done using graphics rather than live text.

    Well.. the thing is that this is almost doable just using for instance Word or Internet Explorer and I checked the result on different computers and it looks fine. The only problem is that it fails when it comes to ligatures like lam-alef. So if they did just a little tiny bit more then the whole issue is resolved. For instance Microsoft have already taken the trouble to make sure coloring is done right when parts of Arabic words are colored so that when a user colors only one or two letters in the middle of a word it effectively colors them correctly. If they only took the relatively little additional trouble to make sure that ligatures are also colored similar to cursor positioning then it resolves the problem. But from what Peter is saying it seems like this is something that the Internet Explorer and Word people have to do, not the Uniscribe people.


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