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Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 16:36:22 CDT

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    Mete Kural wrote:

    > Well.. the thing is that this is almost doable just using for instance Word or Internet Explorer and I checked the result on different computers and it looks fine. The only problem is that it fails when it comes to ligatures like lam-alef. So if they did just a little tiny bit more then the whole issue is resolved.

    But it isn't a 'tiny bit' of anything, and it isn't a Word or IE issue. It is a complete
    change in the way Arabic fonts are made. It is an upgrade to every single Arabic font I
    have ever looked at; probably to all Arabic fonts. Word and IE are already colouring
    individual glyphs when they correspond to individual characters; they can't colour half a
    glyph, but no one expects them to be able to. The only way to colour half a two-character
    typeform is to render it using two separate glyphs, which can then be independently
    coloured. This is already possible, but it is not how Arabic fonts have been made or are
    being made.

    The fact that no Arabic font works in this way should tell you something about the level
    of demand for bi-coloured 'ligatures' in Arabic text. If the demand had been there, the
    font technology would have catered for it.

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