RE: It is easy to predict the past.

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 12:44:36 CDT

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    At 01:16 PM 6/14/2005, Peter Constable wrote:
    >But for a case like this, it is not at all difficult to convert the Tamil
    >string into a bitmap, colour the parts that you want, and insert that into
    >a slide.

    It may not be 'difficult', but it does involve paying attention to
    background transparency issues. If your slides don't use white background,
    and if your fonts are 'smoothed', you can pick up annoying white outlines
    around your letters, unless you know precisely how to capture them without
    these artifacts.

    It can also be amazingly non-portable. In my early Unicode tutorials I had
    many such bitmaps, simply because PowerPoint was then not able to handle
    the large fonts. A product version or two later, none of these images
    rendered the same as they had used to. Instead of seeing a single opaque
    color for the letter with transparent background, the whole image acquired
    some partial transparency, making it disappear on solid backgrounds.

    Those are details, but they point out that creating didactic materials in a
    portable way involve much more than creating ordinary texts.


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