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Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 17:47:03 CDT

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    > Lam_Alef is not a letter, it is rather two letters, lam and alef.
    > Similarly fi ligature does not represent a letter, it is two letters,
    > and i. Let's say I'm writing an Arabic educational book and writing a
    > paragraph where I highlight the root letters of words with red. If I
    > highlight the root letters in the word al-akl (the food). I highlight
    > second alef, kaf, and lam as the root letters of the word. Am I
    > letterform here? I am studying the morphology of the word al-akl. I am
    > trying to put Unicode into application by demonstrating morphology of
    > words in teaching Arabic. I think this is a justifiable need. This has
    > nothing to do with letterform.

    I understand the need you describe. As I said before, I think an
    application would need to do this kind of thing, not a shaping engine
    like Uniscribe or Pango.

    Peter Constable

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