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From: James Cloos (
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 15:16:12 CDT

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    >>>>> "Raymond" == Raymond Mercier <> writes:

    Raymond> In Red Hat 9, I found that when Mozilla displayed some
    Raymond> Chinese text, it showed instead of each character a neat
    Raymond> little square with the Unicode hex value written in 2 rows.

    Pango¹ does not use a font for last resort glyphs, but rather
    generates them on the fly. The 0..9 and A..F are taken from
    your default font and the box is just a vector graphic.

    This is unlike OSX, where a font is used that has glyphs like
    that for each character. It is in /System/Library/Fonts and
    is called LastResort.dfont. It was authored by one of the
    regular contributers here (Michael?).

    ¹ cf
      Properly the pan should be in greek and the go is a kanji:
        U+03A0 U+U03B1 U+U03BD, meaning all and
        U+8A9E, meaning language:



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