Re: Unicode in 2x2 square

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 15:25:49 CDT

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    Off of this topic, which is better answered by others already:

    Once Upon a Time, when IBM-PCs still spent most of their time in text
    mode, I designed a text screen font that had the symbol in the bottom
    part of the character cell and the character code in tiny numerals in
    the top part. I had a hexadecimal version and also a decimal version,
    though there wasn't room for three digits and I just set zero, one, or
    two one-pixel dots for the hundreds digit. Surprisingly useful, actually.


    Raymond Mercier wrote:

    > In Red Hat 9, I found that when Mozilla displayed some Chinese text,
    > it showed instead of each character a neat little square with the
    > Unicode hex value written in 2 rows. The font was just named 'serif',
    > and I believe it is Postscript. I am sure I have seen this somewhere,
    > but would like to be reminded about it. Is there a name for this
    > display ? What font(s) use it ?
    > I was using Redhat in Virtual PC and did not manage to extract the
    > font to the physical disk.
    > Raymond Mercier

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