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Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 14:51:42 CDT

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    >Hmm. It's an interesting thesis. For Arabic I think (but I'm not
    >certain) that traditional notation would put the larger number to the
    >right of the smaller. E.g. qaf = 80, dal = 4, so to write the
    >equivalent of 84 one would have placed the qaf to the right of the dal.

    Yes as far as I know too, the largest number goes the rightmost, then the smaller..

    >But of course you can't really compare traditional language-based
    >schemes with base 10 positional notation.

    Actually in Arabic the letter-number system still has similarities to the 10 positional notation up until the number 1999. For 1999, for instance you would write:

    Ta (9) + Sad (90) + Dha (900) + Ghain (1000)

    It's as if it's the base 10 positional system except that the symbol used for the positional coefficient changes based on the position (up to 1999 of course, beyond that the system changes a bit).


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