Deprecate Tamil 0bb6

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Sat Jun 25 2005 - 04:25:15 CDT

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    Deprecating 0BB6

    Please discuss this under this subject heading.

    I'm lookin to discuss collation under that thread.
    I might not answer for evry question immediately for this thread.


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    > From: "Sinnathurai Srivas" <>
    >> However it is important that we do not add any Grantham letters to Tamil.
    >> For example we are considering deprecating the new 0bb6 sh addition.
    > INFITT is *not* considering deprecation of U+0bb6. This is something
    > Srivas is doing on his own.
    > He is also the only one offended. The rest of the working group, and the
    > INFITT EC, reviewed and approved the proposal.
    >> Unicode encoded 0bb6 without proper consultation, again offending the
    >> language in a serious way.
    > Srvias is mistaken, since WG02 provided both the proposal and the usage
    > samples.
    > Please take his accusations and insults in the proper context. I also
    > stand accused (by him alone) of various crimes against the Tamil language.
    > MichKa
    > (Liaison to and from INFITT and Unicode)

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