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From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Sat Jun 25 2005 - 04:21:54 CDT

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    Deprecating 0bb6.

    There were some fiddle in handling this issue by you or someone else with
    INFITT and probably UC has to answer how this went unnoticed by UC and
    INFITT as a whole.

    If you were involved in a back door activity, or if it is a policy of
    Unicode to make this happen please say so.

    As far as Tamils are conserned, we managed to stop at waht was done and
    still keep to the Grammar, the worlds oldest written Grammar that is
    sophisticated and still survives.

    If UC's desire is to destroy this tradition and bring in changes that are
    not accepted by nearly 95% of Tamils and they want to keep it that way. I do
    not think you have the understanding of the wishes of Tamils.

    And then I said there is discussions about deprecating 0bb6, and I'm not
    sure even if Tamils wanted it they can stop UC from doing it and changing
    Tamil to theire design.

    Tamil is probably the Oldest language that is sophisticated in it's
    structure and still survives. If UC wishes to change it to their design i do
    not think Tamils will have any defence against that.


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    >> However it is important that we do not add any Grantham letters to Tamil.
    >> For example we are considering deprecating the new 0bb6 sh addition.
    > INFITT is *not* considering deprecation of U+0bb6. This is something
    > Srivas is doing on his own.
    > He is also the only one offended. The rest of the working group, and the
    > INFITT EC, reviewed and approved the proposal.
    >> Unicode encoded 0bb6 without proper consultation, again offending the
    >> language in a serious way.
    > Srvias is mistaken, since WG02 provided both the proposal and the usage
    > samples.
    > Please take his accusations and insults in the proper context. I also
    > stand accused (by him alone) of various crimes against the Tamil language.
    > MichKa
    > (Liaison to and from INFITT and Unicode)

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