Re: Tamil sha (U+0BB6) - deprecate it?

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 17:41:43 CDT

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    Richard Wordingham a écrit :

    > Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:
    >> Unicode is not justified in forcing Tamil to accept a Sanskrit letter
    >> in Tamil. It is like forcing French to accept a special character
    >> (say it exists) ng to French.
    > Actually, Unicode has added such a character, ŋ (U+014B), to the
    > *script* used by the French *language*.

    Not the French writing system. It is an API symbol.. French is not
    written in API (for the moment).

    Sinnathurai Srivas also wrote :

    >0BB6 must be deprecated.
    >0BB6 was encoded illegally by Unicode (I'll expand on this once I get
    answers to how the 0BB6 was encoded in the first place).

    Did expand on this ?

    P. A.

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