Re: Tamil sha (U+0BB6) - deprecate it?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 18:31:43 CDT

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    At 20:07 +0100 2005-06-26, Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:
    >More than Sanskrit English is the extremely important to be
    >transliterated in Tamil. This can be done by using Tamil system.


    >Sanskrit is always seen a wanton intrusion to destroy all Indic
    >languages and cause confusion.

    This is untrue.

    >Tamil has been defending it self for hundreds of years. Tamil has
    >it's own system and a sophisticated system.

    Tamil is not all that different from any of the other Brahmic scripts
    we have encoded. The Unicode encoding of Tamil is adequate for the
    representation of Tamil text.

    >Unicode is not the entity that should decide the demise of the
    >ancient and sophisticated Tamil, like the demise of all other Indic

    This is utter nonsense. Unicode supports Tamil and most of the other
    scripts of India.

    >Sanskrit is not Tamil, though Sanskrit borrows vast amount of
    >technology and vocabulary from Tamil. Let's Tamil follow it's own

    Sanskrit borrows very little terminology from any language. All of
    the languages of India, including Tamil. borrow terminology from
    Sanskrit, however.

    >0BB6 must be deprecated.

    Certainly not. It was correctly encoded on the basis of the evidence
    of its use in plain text.

    >0BB6 was encoded illegally by Unicode (I'll expand on this once I
    >get answers to how the 0BB6 was encoded in the first place).

    This is entirely incorrect. The character was encoded on foot of its existence.

    >Unicode, please, please save Tamil from this onslaught.

    Quite honestly, I can see no threat to Tamil from any direction but yours.

    >Tamil has been fighting this battle for a long time. Mostly all
    >other Indic languages lost this battle and surrendered them for a
    >not very appreciable technology.

    I think the word "bollocks" is appropriate here.

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