Re: Tamil sha (U+0BB6) - deprecate it?

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 22:56:26 CDT

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    > At 21:05 +0100 2005-06-26, Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:
    >>More than anything, it is a gradual attempt to make the last remaining
    >>Indian language Sanskritised without sound technical reasons. I do not
    >>think it is the duty of Unicode to be part of this extra ordinary plot.
    >>You can see that all other Indic languages are already converted.
    > Mr Srivas shows himself here to have a singularly unscientific.
    >>English is the worlds advanced language at the moment. ask those wish to
    >>deprecate Tamil, if they would be interested in giving up Indic for
    >>English. The out cry will be forceful. It is because Tamil has no defence,
    >>no Government, being subordinate citizens, unable to stop this kinds of
    > The Tamil script is under attack from NO ONE.
    All other Indic languages have already converted. Tamil is the last
    remaining Indian language to be converted.

    Tamil has a code space allocated in Unicode. Sanskrit is being forced into
    Tamil code space to change Tamil. It takes years to ripple through and
    eventually destroy Tamil.

    Tamil script is under attck from Unicode and Sanskrit.

    Do you know most of the Indians do not know the very basic Indians words for
    mother, father, daughter, etc..

    >>It is not Unicode's duty to destroy Tamil. It has the worlds earliest
    >>written, highly sophisticated Grammar.
    > Tamil is not more special than any other language, and this assertion with
    > regard to its antiquity is unsubstantiated.
    >>Sanskrit evolved half from Tamil and now in the form of Indic want to
    >>destroy it through Unicode. All those struggles of Tamils over some
    >>hundreds of years is being dismantled by Unicode. This must stop.
    > This is nothing but a pack of lies. Mr Srivas, I will not communicate with
    > you further on the topic of Tamil encoding. You have not demonstrated
    > yourself to be a credible expert. Quite the opposite.
    > --

    It is true that SK evolved from Tamil and utilised European a lot to find
    it's path. I do not beleive that European languages were born out of
    Sanskrit as claimed. If you wish to discuss this in detail, let me know and
    I'll guide you to discuss this with experts on this field. Do you have
    evidence to proove that European Languages emmerged from Sanskrit as claimed
    by many. Some try to make it that celtic is the original European language
    and the Latin born out of SK is an artificial addition in Europe as much as
    artificial addition in Indic. Well if that claim is true, Tamil like to stay
    natural and keep the identity. Is that some thing against Unicode

    It is very true that, Sanskrit evolved from Tamil and utilised European to
    advance it it's own way. Noe mostly all indians are Sanskritised.

    Do not have to consider the ancient and scientificness of Tamil, at least
    diversity and last bit of Indianness could be considered and Tamil could be
    saved for that reason, rather than Unicode embarking on destroying Tamil.

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