Re: Tamil Collation vs Transliteration/Transcription Enc Version2

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 16:31:14 CDT

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    Unlike Latin comparison, all Indic languages were changed by this method.
    Tamil has it's own system. Allowing script against the rules of Grammar will
    break the Grammar, probably as the first attack. It is billion strong and
    has the desire to break Tamil. I hope you see this with understanding.

    Sinnathurai Srivas

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    > Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:
    >> Encoding Grantham or sanskrit is not a problem. Encoding transliteration
    >> is not a problem. The problem is encoding some thing as Tamil, or in code
    >> space reserved for tamil is the problem. It legitimises foreign languages
    >> as part of tamil. we love all languages, but we do not want other
    >> languages to change ours. We have a long history of resisting. This
    >> attept by Unicode is going to be the toughest one and Tamil would
    >> provbably loose and the die. Unicode will have such power in the future.
    > I think you are asking that the Tamil *script* block in Unicode should be
    > reserved for characters used for the Tamil *language*. This would
    > formalise a relationship of script-to-language for Tamil that exists for
    > no other script in Unicode. Unicode encodes characters in script blocks,
    > not language blocks. Many scripts gain new characters over time, as they
    > are used to write languages, or even just loan words, other than the ones
    > for which they were originally devised. This is one of the norms of
    > historical script development. If, historically, some users of the Tamil
    > script have added characters to it to write Sanskrit words, one can expect
    > those characters to be encoded in the Tamil script Unicode range. Only a
    > tiny percentage of the characters encoded in the various Latin script
    > blocks were ever used to write the Latin language. So what? They are
    > needed for other languages for which the script is used.
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