Baseline level line?

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 03:27:25 CDT

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    Some academic works on Hebrew show vowel and cantillation marks independently of Hebrew
    letters by placing them relative to a line which indicates the position of the baseline.
    Others use the dotted circle, as the Unicode Standard does, while others use a ring,
    square or simply a blank space. I'm aiming to support all of these conventions in the new
    version of my SBL Hebrew font. There doesn't seem to be in Unicode a character that is a
    line positioned on the baseline. The closest I've found is the underscore (U+005F LOW
    LINE), which typically sits below the baseline. I can perform a contextual substitution to
    raise this line when it is immediately followed by a Hebrew mark, but I'm wondering if
    there might be a more ideal candidate. Obviously, I'm looking for an immediate solution,
    but if there is nothing better than U+005F, I'd also be interested to know if anyone
    thinks it would be worthwhile to propose a baseline level line character for this purpose.

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