Re: Lowercase in one script, capital in another

From: Chris Harvey (
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 13:27:16 CDT

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    > The character U+0244 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED V has been accepted.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    >> The Heiltsuk language uses a lowercase Greek lamda ‘λ’ for the [dl]
    >> sound,
    > Well, saying it's a *Greek* lambda presumes the very question you're
    > leading up to.

    I say Greek just so people will know what the symbol looks like.

    > I would propose LATIN SMALL LETTER LAMBDA. We really don't want a case
    > pair from two different scripts. (BTW, there is a latin small lambda
    > *with stroke* -- U+019B.)

    The small lamda with stroke is also used in this language, the λ being
    voiced [dl] and ƛ being voiceless [tɬ]. There will also need to be a
    capital for ƛ, but as this is already Latin script, I didn’t mention it.

    > Mixing scripts is bad. Mixing case pairs between scripts is not allowed.

    Great. Then I will get back to the communities with this information and
    start the proposal process.



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