Re: Lowercase in one script, capital in another

Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 12:23:40 CDT

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    > Hello
    > I am seeking some advice about how to represent a few characters in Caps.
    > U+028C LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED V (Used in the Oneida langauge)
    > The capital of ‘ʌ’ should look like U+039B GREEK CAPITAL LETTER LAMDA;
    > should one use this as a capital turned v? Or is having one “letter” in
    > two scripts unadvisable.

    I think it is inadvisable. The uppercase for U+028C is in the pipeline.
    Proposed allocation is U+0244. In the meantime, it is in the DoulosSIL font
    ( in the PUA at F219.


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