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Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 11:47:55 CDT

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    >I'm happy Coptic has been disunified from Greek.

    Glad to hear it! :-)

    >1) The "Lord" abbreviation seem to be missing its abbreviation (or
    >contraction) bar. Should it be added to refer to the abbreviated
    >"cois" otherwise what does U+2CEA mean? In other words, if I want to
    >write the "Lord" abbreviation should I write U+2CEA + <contraction
    >bar>? BTW, what is the code for the abbreviating/contraction bar?

    Because the use of the contraction bar is productive, it was judged
    inappropriate to encode the COIS ligature with a precomposed bar.
    U+0503 is the abbreviation bar.

    >2) What is the difference between U+2CE9 KHI RHO and U+2627 CHI RHO
    >(I love the use of different transcriptions: KHI/CHI!) aren't both
    >simply Christic symbols?

    KHI RHO is the monogram made of Coptic letters. CHI RHO is the
    monogram made out of Greek letters. Both are Christian symbols, and
    indeed refer to the same thing in two different scripts.

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