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Date: Sun Jul 24 2005 - 05:00:28 CDT

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    Thank you for the information about submitting proposals. My immediate task is to receive preliminary feedback . I think I'll try to add the word "Draft" to indicate this.

    It will be some times before these items can be considered for official handling.

    Sinnathurai Srivas
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      I will point out again that if you want preliminary feedback on some indic issue before submitting it, then passing it by this list and the list can be useful.

      If you are instead submitting a request for a change in collation, then the appropriate place to start is by submitting it as a bug report via Make sure that you indicate exactly the changes that you think should be made, and cite references supporting those changes. In particular, there is already a bug filed on Tamil collation at, so you can add a reply to that indicating where you agree and where you disagree with the original filer.

      (The original filer is Åke Persson, who does an excellent job of indicating precisely what the changes are he asks for, and providing references. So his is a good model to follow. He asks for a few changes, like:

    which is to put all of these characters in this order, as primary level differences. And like: <reset before="primary">க</reset>
        <reset before="primary">ங</reset>
            <p>ங்</p>....which for a number of characters <x>, puts the sequence (<x> + TAMIL SIGN VIRAMA) *before* <x>.


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        தமிழ் நிரல் ம் யுனிகோட் ம்

        Tamil Collation and Unicode

        To be continued

        Sinnathurai Srivas

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