Re: Tamil Collation and Unicode

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Sun Jul 24 2005 - 07:34:53 CDT

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    Mark Davis wrote and Sinnathurai Srivas kindly forwarded to the list:

    > If you are instead submitting a request for a change in collation, then
    > the appropriate place to start is by submitting it as a bug report via
    > Make sure that you indicate exactly the
    > changes that you think should be made, and cite references supporting
    > those changes. In particular, there is already a bug filed on Tamil
    > collation at, so
    > you can add a reply to that indicating where you agree and where you
    > disagree with the original filer.

    > (The original filer is Åke Persson,

    This bug report appears to address all the issues. I'm not sure what to
    make of the comment, 'To be fixed in DUCET in due course'. Does a similar
    proposal need to be made to change the default collation algorithm - this
    bug report appears to be restricted to the Tamil locale. Would the
    proposal have to be phrased as a bug report?

    I believe that the culturally most neutral sorting for the *Tamil script* is
    the Tamil sorting. (I'm not sure at what point the use of the Tamil script
    for another language becomes an affront to the Tamil language/people.)


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