Re: Letters missing for 19th century Latvian orthography?

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Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 12:32:44 CDT

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    I think this looks very much like the situation of n with macron which was
    discussed on this list.

    If those chars can be encoded with


    then I guess the missing ones would not be encoded.

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    Subject: Letters missing for 19th century Latvian orthography?

    > According to sources (1) and (2), Latvian used some letters
    > with diagonal stroke in its 19th century orthography. These are
    > G,g, K,k, L,l, N,n, R,r, S,s, long s.
    > See attached scans from (1) p.231 (Faulmann-p231.png) and from (2),
    > p.595 (Allen-p595.png).
    > Of these, only L,l are encoded in Unicode 4.1 (unless I overlooked
    > something; I doubt that G,g with diagonal stroke can be treated as
    > font variants of U+01E4, U+01E5).
    > Is this sufficient evidence for encoding the missing ones?
    > (As I have not any special knowledge of Latvian, I don't consider me
    > qualified to write a proposal).
    > - Karl
    > (1) Faulmann, Carl, Das Buch der Schrift. Wien 1880
    > Reprint Nördlingen 1985, ISBN 392156851X
    > (2) Allen, C. G., A Manual of European Languages for Librarians.
    > Londen & New York 1981, ISBN 0-85935-028-2

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