RE: Letters missing for 19th century Latvian orthography?

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Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 13:49:32 CDT

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    For those curious about the text fragment, it roughly translates as:

    Latvia, just as all of Russia, had to focus all of its attention toward the battlefield. Therefore perhaps some of its own farmland remained uncared for. Nonetheless one has to say that it made considerable efforts to fix up its own "stuff".


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    > Subject: Letters missing for 19th century Latvian orthography?
    > According to sources (1) and (2), Latvian used some letters
    > with diagonal stroke in its 19th century orthography. These
    > are G,g, K,k, L,l, N,n, R,r, S,s, long s.
    > See attached scans from (1) p.231 (Faulmann-p231.png) and from (2),
    > p.595 (Allen-p595.png).
    > Of these, only L,l are encoded in Unicode 4.1 (unless I
    > overlooked something; I doubt that G,g with diagonal stroke
    > can be treated as font variants of U+01E4, U+01E5).
    > Is this sufficient evidence for encoding the missing ones?
    > (As I have not any special knowledge of Latvian, I don't
    > consider me qualified to write a proposal).
    > - Karl
    > (1) Faulmann, Carl, Das Buch der Schrift. Wien 1880
    > Reprint Nördlingen 1985, ISBN 392156851X
    > (2) Allen, C. G., A Manual of European Languages for Librarians.
    > Londen & New York 1981, ISBN 0-85935-028-2

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