Re: Proposal for encoding the Vai script in the BMP

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Aug 06 2005 - 11:20:21 CDT

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    At 11:29 +0100 2005-08-06, Richard Wordingham wrote:

    >There seem to be some minor errors in Figure 1:
    >1. The w~ row is labelled 'H-N' instead of 'W-N' on the right.


    >2. Shouldn't the 'r-' row be in red? The section on structure
    >implies that Massaquoi added it.

    The document states that Massaquoi's "series for [hw] was taken over
    in modern times to represent the nasal [w] series, and his series for
    [r] has been adopted as part of the Standard syllabary. Massaquoi's
    other additions for non-Vai sounds have been shown there in red in
    order to highlight them to the Vai-speaking reviewer of this document
    who may not be familiar with them."

    (Vai-speaking reviewers are familiar with the nasal-w and r- series,
    so they didn't need to be highlighted.)

    The legend to Figure 1 states "The characters in red are Massaquoi's
    additions (apart from his wh- and r- series) as well as the syllable
    -KAN from The Book of Ndole." This is intended to indicate that
    Massaquoi's additions -- but not the wh- and r- ones -- are shown in
    red here.

    >Similarly, is the 'w~-' row meant to be a mixture of red and black?

    Do you mean the W-N row? Yes, as I recall it is supposed to be mixed
    because the black ones would be familar to Vai-speaking reviewers and
    the others might not.

    >3. Should the ''?~" row heading be in red?

    I don't know what row heading you are referring to.

    Michael Everson *

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