RE: Windows "Verdana font" and COMBINING DOT BELOW (was:Missing capital H from Unicode range (see 1E96))

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Mon Aug 15 2005 - 18:56:27 CDT

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    > Behalf Of Philippe Verdy

    > > Yep. Verdana COMBINING DOT BELOW is definitely flakely. I looked
    > > MSWord and Babelpad.
    > It's strange because I just noticed it today, and not before. It seems
    > that
    > there's been an update in my new distribution of Windows, or on
    > update, because in the past I could see this COMBINING DOT BELOW
    > placed

    I'm not aware of any change having been made in Verdana. I have repro'd
    the problem on XP SP2. We'll look into the possibility of fixing it. (I
    can't make any guarantees if/when this would be fixed.)

    Peter Constable

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