[OT] Re: Missing capital H from Unicode range (see 1E96)

From: Patrick Andries (patrick.andries@xcential.com)
Date: Tue Aug 16 2005 - 09:53:24 CDT

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    Mark E. Shoulson a écrit :

    > Here among American Jews, the Hebrew name and English name are both
    > given by parents at birth (well, a few days later). Some people use
    > the same for both, transliterating the Hebrew (Yehoshua, Ariel,
    > Binyamin), etc. Some really do have two different names, which may or
    > may not be related, usually phonetically. (They may wind up really
    > only using one of them, e.g. going by their Hebrew name in pretty much
    > everything except legal documents). So my (first) name, Mark, is
    > really a pagan name in origin (devoted to Mars, I think),

    One of the etymologies, the other common one is "hammer".

    > but my (first) Hebrew name is מיכה (the prophet Micah)--phonetically
    > similar, in that at least they start with the same sound.

    Not much else to a non English ear I would say.

    > My nephew Oliver's name is שלמה (Solomon), though, and I don't see
    > the connection there.

    Peace ? Olive branch and schalom/schlomo.

    P. A.

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