Re: FW: Subj: Converting from UCS-2 to UTF-8

From: Edward H. Trager (
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 09:07:24 CDT

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    > >>On windows, the easiest thing to do is install cygwin, which comes with
    > >>a command line iconv implementation.
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    Gaspar Sinai's Unicode editor Yudit ( also comes with a command-line utility called
    "uniconv" which is as easy to use as GNU's iconv. Windows binaries of Yudit
    are now available in addition to the *nix source code packages: see .
    Installing Yudit will take less time than installing Cygwin (installation of Cygwin is equivalent
    to installing a nearly complete Unix subsystem on top of Windows whereas Yudit is just a single program).
    Yudit is also such a useful Unicode editor that it is well worth taking a look at anyway.

    Examples of using both GNU iconv and Yudit uniconv can be viewed at:

    - Ed Trager

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