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From: Alexej Kryukov (
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 11:25:02 CDT

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    On Sunday 21 August 2005 23:47, Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 23:04 +0400 2005-08-21, Alexej Kryukov wrote:
    > >If so, I would like to know if somebody already submitted a
    > >request for combining titlos (superscript letters with titlo,
    > >mentioned also by Michael Fayez in his recent message).
    > What about U+0483?

    U+0483 is combining titlo by itself. That's something quite
    different. Here I mean so-called letter-titlos, i. e. superscript
    letters written above the word they belong to. These characters
    are quite similar to Latin superscript letters in the combining
    marks block (0363--036f), but some of them are usually combined
    with titlo (hence the name), which, however, has a different shape
    in this case. Church Slavonic has quite strict rules which require
    specific words to be written with letter-titlos rather than with
    regular inline letters.

    I think encoding missing Church Slavonic characters is even more
    important than supporting various versions of historical Cyrillic,
    because books in Church Slavonic represent an important part of
    printed production of Russian Orthodox Church (of course philologists
    need the corresponding characters as well). It is also much
    easier, because Church Slavonic has a quite stable typographic
    traditions, so that it is easy to figure out which exactly
    characters are needed.

    > Be that as it may, the people hosting my document on their site
    > didn't ask my permission, or the permission of the other authors.
    > Such documents go out of date. I have written to the site and told
    > them that they may point to
    > if
    > they wish.

    Well, I think the site owner will be happy to know that the ideas
    represented in this document are not completely abandoned. AFAIK, he
    would never hosted it if he knew he can give a reference to an official
    source instead.

    Alexej Kryukov <akrioukov at newmail dot ru>
    Moscow State University
    Historical Faculty

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