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From: Theo Veenker (
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 03:37:04 CDT

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    Mark Davis wrote:
    > Let me explain what is going on. Quite a bit of the structure of (and
    > constraints on) LDML are in the specification, and cannot be
    > encapsulated in the DTD. For most elements in LDML, we allow for
    > alternate elements. So you could have the following, for example.
    > <week>
    > <minDays count="1"/>
    > <firstDay day="sun"/>
    > <firstDay day="mon" alt="financial" draft="true"/>
    > <weekendStart day="sat"/>
    > <weekendEnd day="sun"/>
    > </week>

    I see. But how does one know which alternate forms exist (in this particular
    case for example). It isn't a key/type option in a localeID. Of course I see
    the alternate forms when I parse them, but my application still wouldn't know
    which one applies.

    > You may ask: how about XML Schema? While this would better than a DTD in
    > describing more of the structure, it would still be far from complete.
    > So it hasn't been a high priority because it wouldn't buy us that much.

    Look like it's best to just ignore the DTD. <mumble>I hope to wake up one
    morning to find out that XML and associated crap had never been invented.
    Do we really have to XML-ize everything? Apparently yes, because the format
    is there and everybody else does.</mumble>

    > What we have been doing is adding metadata to the supplemental data file
    > so that particular areas can be mechanically checked. There are
    > undoubtedly still areas where the description of the structure can be
    > improved in the spec (see the working draft for the next release at
    > or where metadata can
    > be added; if you have suggestions for improvements, you can file them at
    > (BTW, we are planning to move this particular element into the
    > supplemental data in the next release; the goal is to only have
    > language-based data in the locale files such as
    >, and all other data in
    > the supplemental data file
    > (
    > information about territories, currencies, scripts, timezones, etc.)

    Sounds good. Will this move have taken place before the 1.4 Phase 2 Beta
    Release, or will the restructuring continu until the final 1.4 release?


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