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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 11:00:41 CDT

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    Let me explain what is going on. Quite a bit of the structure of (and
    constraints on) LDML are in the specification, and cannot be encapsulated in
    the DTD. For most elements in LDML, we allow for alternate elements. So you
    could have the following, for example.

      <minDays count="1"/>
      <firstDay day="sun"/>
      <firstDay day="mon" alt="financial" draft="true"/>
      <weekendStart day="sat"/>
      <weekendEnd day="sun"/>

    You may ask: how about XML Schema? While this would better than a DTD in
    describing more of the structure, it would still be far from complete. So it
    hasn't been a high priority because it wouldn't buy us that much. What we
    have been doing is adding metadata to the supplemental data file so that
    particular areas can be mechanically checked. There are undoubtedly still
    areas where the description of the structure can be improved in the spec
    (see the working draft for the next release at or where metadata can be
    added; if you have suggestions for improvements, you can file them at

    (BTW, we are planning to move this particular element into the supplemental
    data in the next release; the goal is to only have language-based data in
    the locale files such as,
    and all other data in the supplemental data file
    information about territories, currencies, scripts, timezones, etc.)


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    > Hi,
    > I'm using the current version in the cldr 1.3.0 release, but I
    > encountered a lot of IMO questionable fragments, for instance
    > <!ELEMENT week (alias | (minDays*, firstDay*, weekendStart*,
    > weekendEnd*, special*)) >
    > which would allows specifying that a week begins on a monday but
    > also on a wednesday.
    > Then I found this has been corrected in the current UTS #35,
    > where is says:
    > <!ELEMENT week (alias | (minDays?, firstDay?, weekendStart?,
    > weekendEnd?, special*))>
    > So I wonder is the actual ldml.dtd file described in UTS #35
    > (or the working draft) currently available for preview somewhere?
    > Regards,
    > Theo

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