RE: Questions re ISO-639-1,2,3

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 03:11:40 CDT

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    > From: Donald Z. Osborn []

    > > > 2) ..., but there are gaps
    > > > and there is no search feature for the codes.
    > >
    > > Could you give me an example of what you're referring to by "gaps"?
    > Missing ISO-639-1 codes. Maybe gap was not the right word.

    When you refer to the SIL site, I'm not sure exactly what pages you were
    looking at. The ISO 639-3 site will provide interactive reports that
    include ISO 639-1 identifiers.

    > What about a collaboration with the RA for ISO-
    > 639-1&2
    > (the LOC) on a definitive site for all three listings? (Regardless of
    > whether
    > anything comes of the data feed idea.) From a localization point of
    > it
    > would make more sense than to have two separate authoritative sites.

    That's a possibility that participants have thought of, though no plans
    have been made.

    > Frankly I'm hazy on this, but thought that at least a tab- or
    > semicolon-delimited plain text file with the current/updated codes and
    > names
    > (all) could be released regularly (even when there are no changes).

    That will be happening (it will be posted; I don't know of any plans to
    push updates to a list of subscribers).

    Peter Constable

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