RE: Questions re ISO-639-1,2,3

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 08:35:02 CDT

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    Peter - Answers in text...

    Quoting Peter Constable <>:

    > > From: Donald Z. Osborn []
    > > > > 2) ..., but there are gaps
    > > > > and there is no search feature for the codes.
    > > >
    > > > Could you give me an example of what you're referring to by "gaps"?
    > >
    DZO> > Missing ISO-639-1 codes. Maybe gap was not the right word.
    PC> When you refer to the SIL site, I'm not sure exactly what pages you were
    > looking at. The ISO 639-3 site will provide interactive reports that
    > include ISO 639-1 identifiers.

    I just did a quick check back with the long list at and found that the several ISO-639-1
    codes I didn't see there before are there now (bm, ee, ff, ig, ki, kr, rn, rw,
    ve...) so presumably the site has been fully updated. (Thanks to whoever was
    reading and fixed this.)
    > > What about a collaboration with the RA for ISO-639-1&2
    > > (the LOC) on a definitive site for all three listings? (Regardless of
    > > whether
    > > anything comes of the data feed idea.) From a localization point of
    > view
    > > it
    > > would make more sense than to have two separate authoritative sites.
    > That's a possibility that participants have thought of, though no
    > plans have been made.

    Hope it can be worked out...
    > > Frankly I'm hazy on this, but thought that at least a tab- or
    > > semicolon-delimited plain text file with the current/updated codes and
    > > names
    > > (all) could be released regularly (even when there are no changes).
    > That will be happening (it will be posted; I don't know of any plans
    > to push updates to a list of subscribers).

    So we'll wait and see. Thanks again for the feedback and info, this has been


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