Re: Unicode TTF question

From: Bruno Lowagie (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 12:53:17 CDT

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    Bob Hallissy wrote:

    >On 2005-08-24 17:20:22 Bruno Lowagie wrote:
    >>is there a font (ttf, ttc, otf,...) that contains
    >>the complete set of unicode characters
    >No there isn't.
    >It is technically impossible, at least as far as TrueType and OpenType are
    >concerned, as these formats can contain a maximum of 65535 glyphs, and
    >there are more characters than that in Unicode.
    OK, thanks!

    Neelesh Bodas wrote:

    > You can read about this more at :

    Thanks for the link.
    As iText is a F/OS library, I'm sure I'll find some
    interesting fonts here for my other examples.

    > Finally there is a small typo in the pdf file for Hindi Language : the
    > "i" in shanti has been a bit misplaced. (the glyph for i : U+093F
    > should occur before the code for t. )

    Is it right in the txt?
    The PDF adds the glyphs in the same order as they have in the txt.
    But some glyphs have no width (for instance the vowels in Arabic).
    Could it be a problem with arialuni.ttf ?


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