Re: Unicode TTF question

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 13:06:07 CDT

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    Bruno Lowagie wrote:

    >> Finally there is a small typo in the pdf file for Hindi Language : the
    >> "i" in shanti has been a bit misplaced. (the glyph for i : U+093F
    >> should occur before the code for t. )
    > Is it right in the txt?
    > The PDF adds the glyphs in the same order as they have in the txt.
    > But some glyphs have no width (for instance the vowels in Arabic).
    > Could it be a problem with arialuni.ttf ?

    You want to read carefully section 2.2 of the Unicode standard, and in
    particular the "characters, not glyphs" subsection, and look at figure
    2.4 (see <>).

    The short answer is that in general, it takes work to go from characters
    to glyphs and apparently iText does not do all the necessary work.


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