RE: Questions re ISO-639-1,2,3

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 07:25:18 CDT

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    > From: Donald Z. Osborn []

    > > Actually, it has been there all along...

    > actually it was finding nothing in the ISO-639-1 column for Bambara,
    > and
    > Igbo (bm, ff & ig) that prompted my original query that started this
    > thread.

    My apologies; I misunderstood your statement as saying that no alpha-2
    IDs were listed.

    > Coincidentally the W3C site also has (had? - haven't checked back
    since a
    > few
    > days ago) a list lacking some of the African ISO-639-1 alpha 2's. Must
    > that
    > a bunch of these were added more recently (c. 2000?) than this
    > edition?

    The changes to ISO 639-2 are documented on the LOC site -- the official
    site for ISO 639-2.

    I'll repeat my rant about people posting lists of ISO 639 identifiers:
    everyone would be much better off if they pointed instead to the
    official ISO 639 sites.

    Peter Constable

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