Re: VCR technical symbols?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sat Aug 27 2005 - 11:47:23 CDT

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    These were added a few years ago. I don't know off-hand where you can
    find a complete list, other than in the proposal

    L2/02-085 Characters and symbols used in user interfaces
      (since Sun is a member you can get access to that).

    That proposal doesn't have code points for the items that were later
    added in response to the proposal, but you can search by name, such as
    with the following to find the EJECT symbol:

    Hope this helps,


    Guy Steele wrote:
    > Hi. This is my first message to the mailing list, though I've been
    > somewhat involved with Unicode for the last ten years through
    > my involvement with the design of the Java programming language.
    > My son asks: does Unicode have the set of symbols usually used
    > to label tape transport controls on a tape deck or VCR? I am speaking
    > especially of the double vertical rectangle used for "pause". Some of
    > the others are fairly generic (left and right-pointing solid triangles
    > for "reverse" and "forward", circle for "record", etc.), but "fast
    > reverse"
    > and "fast forward" (and for virtual transports on a personal computer
    > screen, "return to start" and "go to end") also have special symbols.
    > I do see that Unicode already has the related U+23CF EJECT SYMBOL
    > consisting of a solid triangle above a horizontal bar. I checked the
    > Unicode 4.1 database but the only occurrence of the word "pause" was
    > in the comment for U+2389 CIRCLED HORIZONTAL BAR WITH NOTCH,
    > and searching for "fast" and "rewind" turned up nothing.
    > --Guy Steele

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