Re: Still OT, Re: VCR technical symbols?

From: James Cloos (
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 15:50:13 CDT

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    >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Everson writes:
    >>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Clark <> writes:

    Michael> WOMENS RESTROOM (no apostrophe allowed) would certainly be useful
    Michael> for a range of travel-related literature.

    Curtis> I've been told that the line waiting for WOMENS RESTROOM to be
    Curtis> encoded is three times longer than the line for MENS RESTROOM.

    Reminiscent of the one about the lad from rural Scotland who was
    impressed on his first trip south that the English would be so polite
    as to dedicate a rest room just for the Scotts. :)


    James H. Cloos, Jr. <>

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