Re: [indic] Unicode Processing Requirements for Tamil (was: 28th IUC paper - Tamil Unicode New)

From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Sun Sep 04 2005 - 12:39:22 CDT

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    While browsing some books that employ Numbered consonants
    (2,3,4), I see that the subscripts or superscripts come after
    the consonants or after the whole abugida as in James Kass'
    example. Tomorrow some examples with both type of examples
    will be given.

    Please decide one option how to encode 2,3 & 4 - whatever
    will be aeshetically pleasing for the eyes. And, also TUS 4.0
    text needs to be rewritten mentioning both superscripts and subscripts
    for users' choice (TUS mentions only superscripts
    now in Ch. 9.6).

    N. Ganesan

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