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Date: Sun Sep 04 2005 - 18:58:02 CDT

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    Date: Saturday, April 2, 2005, 12:07:10 AM
    Subject: Punctuation character proposed

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    On 2005.04.01, 22:35, Michael Everson <> wrote:

    > N2935: Proposal to add INVERTED INTERROBANG to the UCS

    Great! Just one comment: mentions to Galician in this document mean the
    official Galician government orthography, while a significan number of
    Galician speeakers prefer any of two or three other spelling standards,
    none of which uses inverted punctuation.

    I suppose the same goes for Asturian and other minority languages in
    Spain, but I have no data. OTOH, I would not be surprised if inverted
    punctuation were used in at least some spanish-american minority native
    languages, such as Guarany.

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