Re: Unicode Processing Requirements for Tamil

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 00:02:41 CDT

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    N. Ganesan wrote:

    > From different languages (Telugu, Kannada, Sanskrit)
    > example pages using Tamil script with numbered
    > consonants are given:
    > (Storing pdf files in computer, and then opening works fine).


    > In majority cases, superscript/subscript numbers come right after
    > a consonant. I've added an example like Jame Kass also.

    For those who can't be bothered to look (largest file 103 kB) - or have
    stiff necks and can't read Tamil sideways (2 of the files). the schemes used

    Kannada - superscript, after ligature.
    Telugu - superscript, after akshara. Shows a superscript 1.
    Nagara - subscript, after ligature - note occurrences of bhu. No examples
    of -i + number.
    Sanskrit - subscript, after ligature - note ghau, with 4 before length mark,
    in title of section 45.

    I take it that by 'right after a consonant' you mean right after the glyph
    containing the consonant, so that the number always follows vowel signs I,
    II, U and UU.

    The 2-dotted Tamil visarga shows up again. Who's going to propose TAMIL
    SIGN TRUE VISARGA? Is there a problem showing that it is not a glyph
    variant of aytham?

    > The numbered consonants 1 thru' 4 greatly help
    > in round-tripping between Indian scripts. Hope the rendering
    > for Unicode fonts give that facility soon.

    Of course, the problem only arises when the superscript/subscript comes
    before vowel sign AA or AU length mark, including the cases where these are
    parts of compound vowels. I think a quick fix would be to allow them to be
    independent of an akshara, as though they were letters (category Lo) like
    Thai sara AA rather than marks (category Mc). I suppose this would weaken
    error checking by the renderer.


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