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From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 14:29:11 CDT

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    Ken wrote,

    > The case for a symbol for an H-shaped multi-rest symbol is better,
    > I think. It is cited in-line in the example as a symbol. But it
    > should definitely be a newly encoded symbol, rather than a
    > reinterpretation of the existing U+1D13A.

    I concur with this. The problem, if any, with the H-shaped multi-rest is
    that the glyph is highly elastic. Its width varies a lot for formatting
    purposes. But it would be OK to encode the thing and document behavior in

    > For use in musical scoring, it could be used as a base symbol
    > associated with a start and stop anchor.

    I would rather not see that kind of encoding.

    > it would be best to investigate existing scoring systems to
    > see how they implement multi-rests.

    They are used typically in orchestral (or band) parts where there are lots
    of long rests. Finale, for example, implements the H-shaped multi-rest not
    as a font element, but as a flexible drawing element.


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