Re: Punctuation character (inverted interrobang) proposed

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 19:51:02 CDT

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    At 17:14 -0700 2005-09-06, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    > > None of which is to say that interrobang isn't a bit silly,
    >But attested, as well as encoded, so we live with it.

    Lots of things in the standard we "live" with.

    > > and inverted interrobang is even sillier.
    >and basically unattested. All the attestations so far have
    >been speculations about how it could or should be used, or
    >jokes about how the silly interrobang would require an
    >even sillier inverted interrobang in Spanish (har! har!), or
    >claims based on implementations themselves based on spec

    Whether you *like* the attestations and implementations, well, I
    guess is your business. The inverted critter is a fact. I didn't
    invent it. (I have invented other things.)

    >And don't give me silly garbage about people not being
    >able to use it because it isn't encoded in Unicode.

    The PUA is not an option. When I need to make fake fonts, I still
    replace ASCII and Latin-1/MacRoman glyphs because that, at least,

    >John Hudson said:
    >> Accepting this implied need and moving on seems a better
    >> use of resources than investigating whether any Iberian
    >> use is attested.

    ANd he was right.

    >and Patrick Andries responded:
    >> Then the best solution is simply to drop the idea which has been
    >> qualified as added silliness, methinks. I wonder why we still speak
    >> about it.

    Yeah, well, Patrick dislikes a lot of my ideas.

    >In my opinion, the current path of least resistance is to drop it,
    >as Patrick has suggested -- not least because there clearly will not
    >be consensus to encode it in the absence of attestation or
    >demonstrated need.

    There's no harm in encoding this, and it *is* an example of the
    application of systemic logic, and I have no problem supporting this
    character at all.

    Compared with truly useless things like Zapf's heart-shaped
    exclamation mark, I can hardly think ill of the inverted interrobang.

    Michael Everson *

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