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From: Chris Harvey (
Date: Thu Sep 08 2005 - 12:28:04 CDT

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    Ysgrifennodd Jon Hanna <> ar y 08-09-2005 am 12:39:
    > Could you tell us more about how the underlined letters work in this
    > orthography?

    Sure. I will show underlined characters with an underscore, so a_i_ is
    underlined ‘ai’.

    There are 6 vowels in Shoshoni: ‘a’ [a], ‘e’ [ə], ‘i’ [i], ‘o’ [o], ‘u’
    [u], and ‘a_i_’ [ɛ]. ‘a_i_’ is differentiated from ‘ai’ which is the
    diphthong [ai].

    Each vowel can be long or short. Short vowels are written as above, long
    vowels are doubled: ‘aa’, ‘ee’, ‘ii’, ‘oo’, ‘uu’, and ‘a_a_i_’ (or even

    There are no consonants with diacritics.

    Hope this helps.

    Chris Harvey

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