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Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 11:11:07 CDT

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    Ysgrifennodd William J Poser <> ar y 12-09-2005 am
    > /ts/, /dz/, and /ts'/. The glottalized affricate is written
    > with underlining only under the <t> and the <s> parts.

    I didn’t mention the underlined ts’, as the underlining doesn’t occur
    under the apostrophe.

    > the appearance of the printed materials with which
    > people are familiar.

    Your (William Poser’s) essay, “Dʌlk’ʷahke: The First Carrier Writing
    System” uses the MACRON BELOW. The Yinka Dene Language Institute
    publications use underline formatting, e.g. delhu<u>ts</u>'i
    (; it’s impossible to say whether
    this intends to be MACRON BELOW or LOW LINE.

    > Finally, in the longer term the underlining is
    > really going to be used only in scholrly material.
    > The language itself is on the verge of extinction,
    > but even if by some miracle the language should
    > survive, the distinction between the lamino-dentals
    > (the ones with the underlining) and the apico-alveolars
    > has already been lost by all but the oldest speakers.

    That’s as may be; the language still needs to be encoded, as well as all
    of the other languages employing an underline for a diacritic.
    The materials being published by the Yinka Dene Language Institute (Like
    Mus_dz_i ’Udada’) continue to use the underlining, marking the

    Chris Harvey

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