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Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 05:30:44 CDT

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    I support Mr Everson's point, as quoted by Mark (below) on that
    long-standing issue, which is one on which I thought NSAI's views had
    been put to CLDR years ago, and which I recommend be done now, by joint
    request from NSAI/ISOTC46IG (of which I am Convener) and NSAI/ICTSCC/SC
    (of which he is).
    cc: NSAI/ISOTC46IG mailing list.

    Scríobh Mark Davis:
    > ...
    > Michael Everson wrote
    > >
    > > For a start the default collation orders everson before Everson and god
    > > before God, which is not preferable. The English alphabet is always
    > > presented Aa Bb Cc not aA bB cC (watch the Simpsons to see) and so this
    > > is A Bad Thing. When I click in English, I get the same thing, and this
    > > is NOT what Oxford practice specifies. Then when I click on Ireland or
    > > the UK it is still wrong.
    > > I am not very happy with CLDR in this regard.
    > File a bug. Ask to be on the agenda for a meeting. If you can argue
    > persuasively that upper before lower is more customary in the UK and IE,
    > then I'm sure the committee would make the (one-line) change....
    > Mark Davis

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