RE: "Unicode encoded" button

From: Alan Wood (alan.wood@JUSTIS.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 04:24:44 CDT

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    Otto Stolz wrote:

    > Personally, I use the UniEncTrans.gif logo alongside
    > with standard 8831 Bars, e. g. in <http://www.uni-
    > Though not standard size, it is not too distracting
    > in a row of 8831 Bars.
    > Indeed, I would prefer a Unicode-encoded logo in
    > standard 8831 size for my WWW pages. Any artists
    > to volunteer?

    I cannot remember where it came from, but I have an 88x31 logo on my sites,
    for example:


    Alan Wood (Unicode, special characters, pesticide names)

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