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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 03:36:44 CDT

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    Andrew West had noted:
    > the Unicode logos at <>
    > are 152x57 and 100x16, which seem to be non-standard sizes,

    António Martins-Tuválkin had written:

    Geoffrey <> wrote:
    > The logos are not bits of web-advertising. The "standard banners" are for
    > content that is hosted by advertising companies and appears on various
    > publishing sites (like Yahoo or other high traffic areas,) where they
    > want everything to be the same size so the page layout will be predictable.

    For indicating compliance of a WWW page to various standards and recommendations,
    or to support campaigns, usually "88 × 31 Micro Bars" (in the parlance of the
    above-mentioned page) are used. None of the Unicode logos does comply with this
    de-facto standard.

    Personally, I use the UniEncTrans.gif logo alongside with standard 88×31 Bars,
    e. g. in <>:
    Though not standard size, it is not too distracting in a row of 88×31 Bars.

    Indeed, I would prefer a Unicode-encoded logo in standard 88×31 size for my
    WWW pages. Any artists to volunteer?

    Best wishes,
        Otto Stolz

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