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Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 11:49:57 CDT

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    Scríobh Micheal.MacConmara@DCU.IE:
    > ...
    > It's a very moot point but the French had given up on Accents on Upper Case
    > letters on TYPEWRITERS before computers had even entered the picture.

    What happened to French uppercase accents happened on an even larger,
    more devastating scale, to our native Irish 'dotted' script (and for the
    very same - technical, not linguistic - reasons).

    > The early computers had only UPPER CASE letters as you can see to this
    > day on your bank cards and credit cards!

    Yes, I know (remember, I used to work on uppercase-only mainframes!).

    > We in Ireland are in a different position. I often point out that the
    > name of
    > our County, Nationality and Capital City all require accented upper case
    > characters. In French the need for an accented upper case letter is
    > nowhere as frequent as in Irish.

    Their need is perhaps not as frequent as ours, but equally valid.

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    > Mícheál MacConmara
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