Re: ldml dtd location

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 11:09:26 CDT

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    1. Yes, this is the public forum for all Unicode Consortium related
    discussions, including CLDR. (There are separate lists for members of
    the Unicode and CLDR technical committees).

    2. There is already a mechanism you can use to use a local, cached copy
    of the dtd. It speeds up processing of files quite dramatically.

    For the CLDR tools it's implemented in Java but you should be able to
    use similar mechanisms for other languages. Look at
    CachingEntityResolver in the CLDR repository.


    Theo Veenker wrote:
    > Hi!
    > I like to make a request regarding the LDML doctype declaration.
    > (BTW, is the unicode discussion list the appropriate place for CLDR/LDML
    > questions?)
    > The current doctype declaration of an LDML file is:
    > <!DOCTYPE ldml SYSTEM "">
    > In my setup I just want use a locally installed copy of the DTD. So
    > my request would be to use a public identifier for the official
    > 'location' (to be known by the app) and a relative system identifier
    > which one can use to find the DTD relative to the referring LDML file.
    > Something like this:
    > <!DOCTYPE ldml PUBLIC "-//Unicode Consortium//DTD Common Locale Data
    > Repository//EN" "../../dtd/ldml.dtd">
    > Are there any reasons why this cannot or shouldn't be done?
    > Theo

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