From: Eduardo Mendez (
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 16:35:41 CST

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    Mark Davis said:
    > I'm preparing a presentation for the next Unicode conference in March, and
    > have been thinking about doing one on the pitfalls that people stumble into
    > when using Unicode in globalizing software.

    > I have the following initial draft list, and would like to collect others. If you
    > have any suggestions for additions or improvements, I would appreciate them.

    Hi! Mark,
    If I can help. I am no specialist. But I am a consultant for top management.
    I think the pitfalls they may stumble into is to make their boss/client to

    I explained we work on a new sign. I was helped over that. We have now
    a problem: to explain what we propose. I read a few things and now your
    page. I am confuse. What you name "globalizing" is like "internationalizing"
    and "localizing"? I started a part on "multilingualizing" our proposistion.
    But is not "globalizing" more correct?

    I hope this helps, and you will help me.
    Eduardo Mendez

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