Fw: Tamil Unicode New - Feedback

From: Doug Ewell (dewell@adelphia.net)
Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 08:44:14 CST

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    I thought it would be important for members to see a sample of what is
    going on in the Tamil Unicode New Encoding (TUNE) mailing list

    Note the plea for the TUNE group to lobby to "get a dedicated space for
    Tamil in Unicode," implying that Tamil is not currently encoded in
    Unicode at all. Misinformation gives way to disinformation.

    Doug Ewell
    Fullerton, California
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    > Subject: Tamil Unicode New - Feedback
    > Atlast some kind of light from the government on this highly visible -
    > at least in the internet arena- unicode encoding issue. Transperancy
    > is not something the governments or their appointed committees are
    > fond of.
    > Anyway, kudos to taking up the issue and trying to move forward.
    > Please make this encoding happen right the first time itself, so there
    > is no need for yet another round of encoding conversion. What I mean
    > is, please lobby for seperate space for Tamil in Unicode, instead of
    > this makeshift arrangement with Private Use Area.
    > That's when the power of transperancy comes in. I am not sure if you
    > have any idea how many web sites, blogs and user groups operate in
    > current Unicode scheme. They are significant. I myself maintain a web
    > site and a blog with database size in excess of 60MB.
    > Getting what we want from Unicode consortium is all about lobbying and
    > powerplay and not simply accepting what they say. I am sure there are
    > lots of influential people in other powerful software companies that
    > are Unicode members.
    > Pushing the case through those kind of people will get more attention
    > than traditional meeting of members.
    > The next step is to give an update of what the heck you are doing
    > behind those closed doors. Look at the INFITT web site. There's hardly
    > any evidence that this case was ever worked on. Every well wisher of
    > Tamil computing has the right to know what is done by the TN govt to
    > make a common encoding system.
    > I am not hopeful that transperency or even a public relation will be
    > implemented, given the history of your operation, but wish you all the
    > success to make this happen.
    > My sincere request is to please please please move away from Private
    > Use Area and get a dedicated space for Tamil in Unicode.

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